The Holistic Approach

Tree Works takes a holistic approach to tree management. We believe that maintaining a healthy, happy and visually appealing landscape requires in-depth knowledge of the latest foolproof techniques as well as mastery of the special care required to keep Hawaii’s trees—and your property—safe. Why? Because nature and nurture work best together.

Plus, we have more ISA certified arborists working for our team than any other company like ours in the State. That’s because we believe in providing the absolute best service possible—with people who have dedicated their lives to the art and science of this evolving industry.

New Technology! The Mean, Green, Mulching Machine!

The Gyro Trac GT-25XP is a phenomenal piece of equipment. It is a serious all terrain mulching machine. Great for land clearing, it will mulch trees and brush on all types of terrain. No longer is bulldozing or hand clearing the only option. If you wish to keep the topography of your land intact but need the land cleared for building, contact us for a demonstration or view some of our previous work! Use the mulch for landscaping and create a relaxing haven using your own resources… at no extra cost!